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Production and processing of graphene and related materials 106
Multilayer coating used for coating luminar or tubular material component of solar thermal systems, has layers, which are made of molybdenum, titanium dioxide and niobium metal, and silicon dioxide, respectively 85
Caratterizzazione meccanica e microstrutturale di un acciaio inossidabile AISI 316 prodotto con tecnologia Selective Laser Melting 77
Model-Based Design of an Energy-System Embedded Controller Using Taste 74
Progetto GEOTERM: Geoscambio nella Provincia Autonoma di Trento 71
Carbon nanostructures/Mg hybrid materials for hydrogen storage 71
Graphene and metal oxide (Nb2O5 and TiO2) interaction: Strain and surface transfer doping 69
Dynamic modeling and control strategies analysis of a novel small CSP biomass plant for cogeneration applications in building 69
Smart Altitude: a low-carbon, high-impact and resilient future for Alpine winter tourism territories. 69
The Italian hydrogen mobility scenario implementing the European directive on alternative fuels infrastructure (DAFI 2014/94/EU) 68
REET VISION on ENERGY: +energy building strategies, technology transfer and integrated systems 67
Turbulence model applied to a fluid in a modified evacuated solar collector 67
Numerical Analysis of Radiation Propagation in Innovative Volumetric Receivers Based on Selective Laser Melting Techniques 67
Solar flux map distribution of a parabolic-spheric dish based on photographic method 66
Solar driven thermal energy storage for domestic applications in heating and cooling 62
Piano Nazionale di Sviluppo Mobilità Idrogeno Italia - versione integrale 62
Stepwise potentiometric titration applied to bromine-bromide electrolytes 61
Piano Nazionale di Sviluppo Mobilità Idrogeno Italia - versione sintetica 60
Novel concept for a Solar Cooler/Heater based on Adsorption cycle for domestic application 58
Development of a pellet boiler with Stirling engine for m-CHP domestic application 58
Development of an integrated system for solid state hydrogen storage in stationary applications: problems, opportunities, challenges 54
Design and dynamic simulation of a small multipurpose solar thermal system for rural necessities 54
FBK - REET Energy Vision and the Positive Energy Building 52
Coating Candidates Comparison and a Two-Zone Coating Strategy for Parabolic Trough 51
Efficient hydrogen generation from water using nanocomposite flakes based on graphene and magnesium 51
Thick film sensors array for atmospheric pollution monitoring 48
Novel m–CHP Generation from Small Scale Concentrated Solar Power 46
Heat Transfer Analysis and Modeling for a Coaxial Solar Collector in a Domestic Cogeneration System 46
Solar cogeneration system overview and heat transfer analysis - poster session 45
Heat Transfer Analysis for a Small-Size Direct-Flow Coaxial Concentrating Collector 45
Array of Thick Film Sensors for Environmental Monitoring Application 44
Design of a new medium-temperature Stirling engine for distributed cogeneration applications 44
Experimental geothermal monitoring assessing the underground sustainability of GSHP borehole heat exchangers in a protected hydrothermal area: The case study of Ponte Arche (Italian Alps) 44
A modified Evacuated Solar Tube: heat transfer and fluid dynamic study, modelling and experimental results 43
Design of a New Medium-temperature Stirling Engine for Distributed Solar Cogeneration Applications 43
Light-opals interaction modeling by direct numerical solution of Maxwell's equations 43
Characterization of a Medium Temperature Concentrator for Process Heat – Tracking Error Estimation 42
IT for sustainable energy systems 41
Array of thick film sensors for environmental monitoring application 41
Distributed m-CHP generation form a small scale concentrated solar power 41
Development of a pellet boiler with Stirling engine for m-CHP domestic application 41
Designing optimized energy scenarios for an Italian Alpine valley: the case of Giudicarie Esteriori 41
ISES Conference Proceedings Database 41
GIS-supported evaluation and mapping of the geo-exchange potential for vertical closed-loop systems in an Alpine valley, the case study of Adige Valley (Italy) 41
New development of spectrally selective solar-absorbing coating for low and intermediate temperature applications 40
Schemes of integration in thermal application and power cycle for small scale concentrated solar systems 40
Exploiting volumetric effects in novel additively manufactured open solar receivers 40
Automotive pollution monitoring by an array of thick film gas sensors from nanosized semiconducting oxides 39
Integration of a novel small scale concentrated solar power in a passive house 39
Energy efficiency and sustainability assessment of about 500 small and medium-sized enterprises in Central Europe region 39
Integrated and dynamic energy modelling of a regional system: A cost-optimized approach in the deep decarbonisation of the Province of Trento (Italy) 39
Two-Region Coating Strategy for CSP Parabolic Trough Applications 38
Novel system for distributed energy generation from a small scale concentrated solar power 38
A novel Retrofittable Solar Cooler/Heater based on Adsorption cycle for domestic application 38
Efficiency and environmental impact on use of agro-forestry wastes for energy production 37
FBK – REET Energy Vision and the +energy building 37
m-CHP technologies for distributed level applications: FBK – REET innovations and solutions 37
Sol-gel prepared In2O3 and Mo-In2O3 thick films as Ozone gas sensors 37
Fluid dynamics and heat transfer efficiency in evacuated solar tubes 37
Design and optimization of Isochoric Differential Apparatus (IDA) to reduce uncertainty in H2 sorption process measurements 37
Linking energy and Regions by IT 36
Nanostructured thick film gas sensors for atmospheric pollutant monitoring: quantitative analysis on field tests 36
Solar-Biomass system for distributed medium-size cogeneration applications 36
Sol-gel processed TiO2-based nano-sized powders for use in thick-film gas sensors for atmospheric pollutant monitoring 36
Poly energy generation from a small-scale concentrated solar power 36
Decarbonization of industrial processes: technologies, applications and perspectives of low-temperature solar heat (80-150°C) 36
Nanostructured thick film gas sensors for atmospheric pollutant monitoring: quantitative analysis on field tests 35
Novel concept for a Solar Cooler/Heater based on Adsorbtion cycle for domestic application 35
Incorporating domain knowledge into the optimization of energy systems 33
Thick film gas sensors from nanosized semiconducting oxides for environmental monitoring 32
Differential pressure apparatus: an enhancement of classic Sievert instrument 32
High efficiency solar selective absorber based on nanostructured TiO2 –Nb cermet. 32
Modeling study for low-carbon industrial processes integrating solar thermal technologies. A case study in the Italian Alps: The Felicetti Pasta Factory 32
An innovative multi-objective optimization approach for long-term energy planning 32
Distributed CHP-Generation from small size concentrated solar power 31
Experimental validation of a dynamic modelling of a Reversible Solid Oxide Cells (rSOCs) 31
The Micro-District: Strategies for Energy Positive Buildings and Communities 30
Synthesis and characterization of graphene oxyfluoride 30
Distributed CHP Generation from small size concentrated Solar Power 29
Effect of glass surface treatments on the deposition of highly transparent reduced graphene oxide films by dropcasting method 27
Solar thermal technologies for low-carbon industrial processes: dynamic modelling, techno-economic analysis and environmental impact 26
Equilibrium properties of a bromine-bromide electrolyte for flow batteries 24
Analysis of Radiation Propagation inside a Hierarchical Solar Volumetric Absorber 21
Water Sludge Drying: modelling of solar thermal plant for solar vacuum dryer 18
Combining geological surveys, sizing tools and 3D multiphysics in designing a low temperature district heating with integrated ground source heat pumps 17
Radiation propagation in a hierarchical solar volumetric absorber: Results of single-photon avalanche diode measurements and Monte Carlo ray tracing analysis 15
A multi-objective optimization approach in defining the decarbonization strategy of a refinery 13
Optimization Study of Volumetric Receivers for High- Temperature Solar Power Plants 8
Design and modeling of a hybrid reversible solid oxide fuel cell - Organic Rankine cycle 8
Comment on “How green is blue hydrogen?” 5
Developing and testing an "Integrated Energy Management System" in a ski resort: The "Living Lab Madonna di Campiglio" 3
Optimization study of volumetric receivers for high temperature solar plants 1
Assessment of ammonia as energy carrier in the use with reversible solid oxide cells 1
Hydrogen emission in enclosed volume (tunnel for mobility) 1
Hydrogen Production and Energy Transition 1
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