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Monte Carlo simulations of QCD thermodynamics in the PNJL model 1-gen-2009 Cristoforetti, M.; Hell, T.; Weise, W.
Dynamics and thermodynamics of a nonlocal Polyakov - Nambu - Jona-Lasinio model with running coupling 1-gen-2009 Hell, T.; Rößner, S.; Cristoforetti, M.; Weise, W.
Thermodynamic quark susceptibilties in the PNJL model 1-gen-2010 Cristoforetti, M.; Hell, T.; Klein, B.; Weise, W.
Thermodynamics and quark susceptibilities: A Monte Carlo approach to the polyakov-nambu-jona-lasinio model 1-gen-2010 Cristoforetti, M.; Hell, T.; Klein, B.; Weise, W.
Improved constraints on chiral SU(3) dynamics from kaonic hydrogen 1-gen-2011 Ikeda, Y.; Hyodo, T.; Weise, Wolfram
Shear viscosity of a hot pion gas 1-gen-2012 R., Lang; N., Kaiser; Weise, Wolfram
Charmonium potentials: matching perturbative and lattice QCD 1-gen-2012 A., Laschka; N., Kaiser; Weise, Wolfram
Nuclear thermodynamics and the in-medium chiral condensate 1-gen-2012 S., Fiorilla; N., Kaiser; Weise, Wolfram
Chiral SU(3) theory of antikaon-nucleon interactions with improved threshold constraints 1-gen-2012 Weise, Wolfram
Impact of vector-current interactions on the QCD phase diagram 1-gen-2013 T., Hell; K., Kashiwa; Weise, Wolfram
Role of vector interaction and axial anomaly in the PNJL modeling of the QCD phase diagram 1-gen-2013 N., Bratovich; T., Hatsuda; Weise, Wolfram
Chiral Fermi liquid approach to neutron matter 1-gen-2013 J. W., Holt; N., Kaiser; Weise, Wolfram
Thermodynamic phases and mesonic fluctuations in a chiral nucleon-meson model 1-gen-2013 M., Drews; T., Hell; B., Klein; Weise, Wolfram
Hyperon–nucleon interaction at next-to-leading order in chiral effective field theory 1-gen-2013 J., Haidenbauer; S., Petschauer; N., Kaiser; U. G., Meiβner; A., Nogga; Weise, Wolfram
Nuclear chiral dynamics and thermodynamics 1-gen-2013 Jeremy W., Holt; Norbert, Kaiser; Weise, Wolfram
Improved threshold constraints on coupled-channels chiral SU(3) dynamics from kaonic hydrogen 1-gen-2013 Y., Ikeda; T., Hyodo; Weise, Wolfram
Quark-hadron matter at finite temperature and density in a two-color PNJL model 1-gen-2013 S., Imai; H., Toki; Weise, Wolfram
Microscopic optical potential from chiral nuclear forces 1-gen-2013 J. W., Holt; N., Kaiser; G. A., Miller; Weise, Wolfram
Alpha-clustered hypernuclei and chiral SU(3) dynamics 1-gen-2014 E., Hiyama; Y., Funaki; N., Kaiser; Weise, Wolfram
Shear viscosity from Kubo formalism: NJL model study 1-gen-2014 Robert, Lang; Weise, Wolfram
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 37
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