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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Exploring Transfer Learning Approaches for Head Pose Classification from Multi-view Surveillance Images 1-gen-2014 Rajagopal, A. K.; Subramanian, R.; Ricci, Elisa; Vieriu, R. L.; Lanz, Oswald; Kalpathi, R.; Sebe, N.
Expressionary data from tissue microarray experiments: analysis and graphical representation 1-gen-2004 D., Di Vizio; Demichelis, Francesca; Dell'Anna, Rossana; Sboner, Andrea; A., Aldovini; P., Dalla Palma; S., Brugnara; A., Ferro; E., Galligioni; C., Arcuri
Expressive Ontology Learning as Neural Machine Translation 1-gen-2018 Petrucci, Giulio; Rospocher, Marco; Ghidini, Chiara
Expressiveness of Extended Bounded Response LTL 1-gen-2021 Cimatti, Alessandro; Geatti, Luca; Gigante, Nicola; Montanari, Angelo; Tonetta, Stefano
ExpTime Reasoning for Contextualized ALC 1-gen-2012 Bozzato, Loris; Homola, Martin; Serafini, Luciano
ExpTime Tableaux Algorithm for Contextualized ALC 1-gen-2013 Bozzato, Loris; Homola, Martin; Serafini, Luciano
Extended bounded response LTL: a new safety fragment for efficient reactive synthesis 1-gen-2021 Cimatti, Alessandro; Geatti, Luca; Gigante, Nicola; Montanari, Angelo; Tonetta, Stefano
Extended causal modeling to assess Partial Directed Coherence in multiple time series with significant instantaneous interactions 1-gen-2010 Faes, Luca; Nollo, Giandomenico
Extended Granger causality: a new tool to identify the structure of physiological networks 1-gen-2015 Schiatti, L; Nollo, Giandomenico; Rossato, G; Faes, Luca
Extended Profiles with Morphological Attribute Filters for the Analysis of Hyperspectral Data 1-gen-2010 Dalla Mura, Mauro; J. A., Benediktsson; B., Waske; L., Bruzzone
Extended Traffic Data Collection by Intelligent Vehicles 1-gen-2007 Messelodi, Stefano; Modena, Carla Maria; Zanin, Michele; Fabrizio, Granelli; Francesco De, Natale; Enrico, Betterle; Andrea, Guarise
Extended x-ray-absorption fine-structure measurements of copper: Local dynamics, anharmonicity, and thermal expansion 1-gen-2004 P., Fornasini; a Beccara, Silvio; G., Dalba; R., Grisenti; a Beccara, Silvio; M., Vaccari; Rocca, Francesco
Extending access control in AWS IoT through event-driven functions: an experimental evaluation using a smart lock system 1-gen-2021 Ahmad, Tahir; Morelli, Umberto; Ranise, Silvio; Zannone, Nicola
Extending ASP Based Reasoning to Expressive Constructive Description Logics 1-gen-2020 Bozzato, Loris
Extending English ACE 2005 Corpus Annotation with Ground-truth Links to Wikipedia 1-gen-2010 Bentivogli, Luisa; Giuliano, Claudio; Pamela, Forner; Alessandro, Marchetti; Pianta, Emanuele; Tymoshenko, Kateryna
Extending HeLiS: From Chronic Diseases to Behavior Change 1-gen-2019 Dragoni, Mauro; Tamma, Valentina
Extending impairment-aware control plane solutions toward cognitive optical networks 1-gen-2012 Ye, Yabin; Francescon, Antonio; Salvadori, Elio; Angelou, Marianna; Tomkos, Ioannis; de Miguel, Ignacio; Duran, Ramon J.; Carlos Aguado, Juan
Extending Linked Open Data resources exploiting Wikipedia as source of information 1-gen-2014 Palmero Aprosio A.
Extending Local Learners with Error-Correcting Output Codes 1-gen-1997 Ricci, Francesco; D. W., Aha
Extending Multi-Agent Cooperation by Overhearing 1-gen-2001 Paolo Busetta; Luciano Serafini; D. Singh; Floriano Zini
Mostrati risultati da 6.078 a 6.097 di 17.208
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