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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
YAMATO: The First SDN Control Plane for Independent, Joint, and Fractional-Joint Switched SDM Optical Networks 1-gen-2017 Pederzolli, Federico; Gerola, Matteo; Zanardi, Andrea; Forns, X.; Ferran, J. F.; Siracusa, Domenico
Yang-Mills two-point functions in linear covariant gauges 1-gen-2015 Aguilar, A.  . c.; Binosi, Daniele; Papavassiliou, J.
"Yerba Mate". Storia di una bevanda che si gusta in compagnia 1-gen-2013 Ferlan, Claudio
Yerba Maté in the Jesuit Reductions. From Ritual Drink to Economic Resource (17th-18th Centuries) 1-gen-2021 Ferlan, Claudio
You talk, I translate! Technical Aspects of the ITC-irst Speech Translation System 1-gen-2000 Cettolo, Mauro
Young Competitive Athletes Resuscitated from Cardiac Arrest on Field: Exploratory Data Analysis and Computer Simulations 1-gen-1997 Furlanello, Cesare; Merler, Stefano; A., Bertoldi
Young girls and careers in science: may a course on robotics change girls’ aspirations about their future? The ROBOESTATE project 1-gen-2019 Mich, Ornella; Ghislandi, Patrizia
Your Favorite Gameplay Speaks Volumes About You: Predicting User Behavior and Hexad Type 1-gen-2023 Hadi Mogavi, Reza; Deng, Chao; Hoffman, Jennifer; Haq, Ehsan-Ul; Gujar, Sujit; Bucchiarone, Antonio; Hui, Pan
“Your Team Cohesion is Low”: A Systematic Study of the Effects of Social Network Feedback on Mediated ActivityOnline Communities and Social Computing 1-gen-2011 Luciano, Gamberini; Francesco, Martino; Anna, Spagnolli; Roberto, Baù; Ferron, Michela
YOUStatAnalyzer: a Tool for Analysing the Dynamics of YouTube Content Popularity 1-gen-2013 Zeni, M.; Miorandi, D.; De Pellegrini, Francesco
Youth unemployment duration from the Italian Labour Force Survey: Accuracy issues and modelling attempts 1-gen-1989 Trivellato, Ugo; Torelli, N.
YTTREX: crowdsourced analysis of YouTube’s recommender system during COVID-19 pandemic 1-gen-2021 Sanna, Leonardo; Romano, Salvatore; Corona, Giulia; Agosti, Claudio
Zener tunneling of light in an optical superlattice 1-gen-2004 Ghulinyan, Mher; Zeno, Gaburro; Lorenzo, Pavesi; Claudio J., Oton; Costanza, Toninelli; Diederik S., Wiersma
Zener tunneling of light waves in an optical superlattice 1-gen-2005 Ghulinyan, Mher; C. J., Oton; Z., Gaburro; L., Pavesi; C., Toninelli; D. S., Wiersma
Zeolitic imidazolate frameworks for separation of binary mixtures of CO2, CH4, N2 and H2: A computer simulation investigation 1-gen-2011 Battisti, Anna; Taioli, Simone; Garberoglio, Giovanni
Zero Touch Management: A Survey of Network Automation Solutions for 5G and 6G Networks 1-gen-2022 Coronado, Estefania; Behravesh, Rasoul; Subramanya, Tejas; Fernandez-Fernandez, Adriana; Siddiqui, Muhammad Shuaib; Costa-Perez, Xavier; Riggio, Roberto
Zero-Shot Neural Machine Translation with Self-Learning Cycle 1-gen-2021 Lakew, Surafel M.; Negri, Matteo; Turchi, Marco
Zinc Diisopropyl Dithiophosphate by XPS 1-gen-2001 M., Eglin; A., Rossi; Piras, Federica Maria; N. D., Spencer
Zio, e l'Universo quanto è grande? 1-gen-2013 Garberoglio, Giovanni
Zio, ma cosa fai di lavoro? 1-gen-2015 Garberoglio, Giovanni
Mostrati risultati da 19.180 a 19.199 di 19.214
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