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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Uncertainty-Guided Source-Free Domain Adaptation 1-gen-2022 Roy, Subhankar; Trapp, Martin; Pilzer, Andrea; Kannala, Juho; Sebe, Nicu; Ricci, Elisa; Solin, Arno
An unconventional approach to impedance microbiology: detection of culture media conductivity variations due to bacteriophage generated lyses of host bacteria 1-gen-2015 Mortari, Alessia; Adami, Andrea; Lorenzelli, Leandro
Uncoordinated Human Responses During Epidemic Outbreaks 1-gen-2013 Poletti, Piero; Caprile, Bruno Giovanni; Ajelli, Marco; Merler, Stefano
Uncovering critical coordination requirements through content analysis 1-gen-2013 K., Blincoe; Valetto, Giuseppe; D., Damian
Uncovering Interactions and Interactors: Joint Estimation of Head, Body Orientation and F-formations from Surveillance Videos 1-gen-2015 Ricci, Elisa; Varadarajan, Jagannadan; Subramanian, Ramanathan; Rota Bulò, Samuel; Ahuja, Narendra; Lanz, Oswald
Und wenn schon, dann Bischof oder Abt”. Im Gedenken an Günther Hödl (1941-2005) 1-gen-2006 Christian, Domenig; Hannes, Grabmayer; Reinhard, Stauber; Karl, Stuhlpfarrer; Markus, Wenninger
Under and Over Approximation of State Models Recovered for Ajax Applications 1-gen-2010 Marchetto, Alessandro; Tonella, Paolo; Ricca, Filippo
Under special surveillance: Italy through German eyes, 1975-1976 1-gen-2015 D'Ottavio, Gabriele
Under the Morphosyntactic Lens: A Multifaceted Evaluation of Gender Bias in Speech Translation 1-gen-2022 Savoldi, Beatrice; Gaido, Marco; Bentivogli, Luisa; Negri, Matteo; Turchi, Marco
Underdetermined Source Detection and Separation Using a Normalized Multichannel Spatial Dictionary 1-gen-2012 M., Fakhry; Nesta, Francesco
Underground Astronauts: Understanding the Sporting Science of Speleology and its Implications for HCI 1-gen-2021 Mencarini, Eleonora; Rapp, Amon; Zancanaro, Massimo
Underground warehouses for food storage in the Dolomites (Eastern alps – Italy) and energy efficiency 1-gen-2020 Galgaro, Antonio; Dalla Santa, Giorgia; Cola, Simonetta; Cultrera, Matteo; De Carli, Michele; Conforti, Fabrizio; Scotton, Paolo; Viesi, Diego; Fauri, Maurizio
Underreporting of earnings and the minimum wage spike 1-gen-2013 Tonin, Mirco
Understanding and Changing Behavior 1-gen-2013 Salah, A. A.; Lepri, Bruno; Pentland, A.; Canny, J.
Understanding and Dealing With Usability Side Effects of Intelligent Processing 1-gen-2009 Jameson, Anthony David
Understanding and simulating SiPMs 1-gen-2019 Acerbi, Fabio; Gundacker, Stefan
Understanding anharmonic effects on hydrogen desorption characteristics of MgnH2n nanoclusters by ab initio trained deep neural network 1-gen-2022 Pedrielli, Andrea; Trevisanutto, Paolo E.; Monacelli, Lorenzo; Garberoglio, Giovanni; Pugno, Nicola M.; Taioli, Simone
Understanding Best Practices for ICTD Projects: towards a Maturity Model 1-gen-2014 Aaron Ciaghi; Adolfo Villafiorita; Lorenzo Dalvit
Understanding Concepts, Methods and Tools for End-User Control of Automations in Ecosystems of Smart Objects and Services 1-gen-2023 Andrao, Margherita; Balducci, Fabrizio; Breve, Bernardo; Cena, Federica; Desolda, Giuseppe; Deufemia, Vincenzo; Gena, Cristina; Matera, Maristella; Mattioli, Andrea; Paternò, Fabio; Santoro, Carmen; Treccani, Barbara; Vernero, Fabiana; Zancanaro, Massimo
Understanding individual behaviour: From virtual to physical patterns 1-gen-2020 De Nadai, Marco; Lepri, Bruno; Oliver, Nuria
Mostrati risultati da 17.994 a 18.013 di 18.918
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