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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Implementing Personalised Support In Scalable Online Courses 1-gen-2020 Hertz, Benjamin; Engelhardt, Katja; Azzolini, Davide; Marzadro, Sonia; Rettore, Enrico
Implementing planning as tactical reasoning 1-gen-1992 Luca, Spalazzi; Cimatti, Alessandro; Traverso, Paolo
Implicit associations among genetics, early care experiences, and adult relationships to social media behaviour. 1-gen-2021 Bonassi, A.; Cataldo, I.; Gabrieli, G.; Lepri, B.; Esposito, G.
Implicit Culture and Multi-agent Systems 1-gen-2000 Blanzieri, Enrico; Paolo, Giorgini; Giunchiglia, Fausto
Implicit Culture for Multi-agent Interaction Support 1-gen-2001 Blanzieri, Enrico; P., Giorgini; Massa, Paolo; S., Recla
Implicit Semi-Algebraic Abstraction for Polynomial Dynamical Systems 1-gen-2021 Mover, Sergio; Cimatti, Alessandro; Griggio, Alberto; Irfan, Ahmed; Tonetta, Stefano
Implicit understandings and trust in the doctor-patient relationship: a philosophy of language analysis of pre-operative evaluations. 1-gen-2023 Consolandi, Monica
Implicit vs. Explicit Data-Flow Requirements in Web Service Composition Goals 1-gen-2006 Marconi, Annapaola; Pistore, Marco; Traverso, Paolo
Impossibili unioni di uguali. L’amore fra donne nel discorso teologico e giuridico (secc. XVI-XVIII) 1-gen-2012 Alfieri, Fernanda
Improved Automata Generation for Linear Temporal Logic 1-gen-1999 M., Daniele; Giunchiglia, Fausto; M. Y., Vardi
Improved automatic speech recognition through speaker normalization 1-gen-2006 Giuliani, Diego; Gerosa, Matteo; Brugnara, Fabio
Improved Automatic Speech Recognition through Speaker Normalization 1-gen-2003 Giuliani, Diego; Gerosa, Matteo; Brugnara, Fabio
Improved Boiling Heat Transfer in Dry Etched Microchannels With Laser Structured Surfaces 1-gen-2018 Sitar, Anže; Crivellari, Michele; Schille, Jörg; Mauersberger, Stefan; Löschner, Udo; Golobič, Iztok
Improved Connected Digit Recognition Using Spectral Variation Functions 1-gen-1992 Brugnara, Fabio; R., De Mori; Giuliani, Diego; Omologo, Maurizio
Improved constraints on chiral SU(3) dynamics from kaonic hydrogen 1-gen-2011 Ikeda, Y.; Hyodo, T.; Weise, Wolfram
Improved dataset coverage and interoperability with Bio2RDF Release 2 1-gen-2012 A., Callahan; J., Cruz Toledo; P., Ansell; D., Klassen; Tummarello, Giovanni; M., Dumontier
Improved First-Principles Calculation of the Third Virial Coefficient of Helium 1-gen-2011 Garberoglio, Giovanni; Michael R., Moldover; Allan H., Harvey
Improved H2 production rate by hydrolysis of Ammonia Borane using quaternary alloy catalysts 1-gen-2013 Fernandes, R.; Patel, N.; Paris, Alessio; Calliari, Lucia; Miotello, A.
Improved image quality using monolithic scintillator detectors with dual-sided readout in a whole-body TOF-PET ring: a simulation study 1-gen-2017 Tabacchini, Valerio; Surti, Suleman; Borghi, Giacomo; Karp, Joel S; Schaart, Dennis R.
An improved method for digital image fragile watermarking based on chaotic maps 1-gen-2017 Nazari, Mahboubeh; Sharif, Amir; Mollaeefar, Majid
Mostrati risultati da 8.518 a 8.537 di 19.164
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