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An algebraic cubature formula on curvilinear polygons 1-gen-2011 Santin, G.; Sommariva, A.; Vianello, M.
A new stable basis for radial basis function interpolation 1-gen-2013 De Marchi, Stefano; Santin, Gabriele
Fast computation of orthonormal basis for RBF spaces through Krylov space methods 1-gen-2015 De Marchi, Stefano; Santin, Gabriele
Approximation of eigenfunctions in kernel-based spaces 1-gen-2016 Santin, G.; Schaback, R.
Partition of unity interpolation using stable kernel-based techniques 1-gen-2016 Cavoretto, R.; De Marchi, S.; De Rossi, A.; Perracchione, E.; Santin, G.
Approximating basins of attraction for dynamical systems via stable radial bases 1-gen-2016 Cavoretto, Roberto; De Marchi, Stefano; De Rossi, Alessandra; Perracchione, Emma; Santin, Gabriele
Convergence rate of the data-independent P-greedy algorithm in kernel-based approximation 1-gen-2017 Santin, G.; Haasdonk, B.
A rescaled method for RBF approximation 1-gen-2017 De Marchi, S.; Idda, A.; Santin, G.
{redNumerical} modelling of a peripheral arterial stenosis using dimensionally reduced models and kernel methods 1-gen-2018 Kã¶ppl, Tobias; Santin, Gabriele; Haasdonk, Bernard; Helmig, Rainer
Interpolation with uncoupled separable matrix-valued kernels 1-gen-2018 Wittwar, D.; Santin, G.; Haasdonk, B.
Image reconstruction from scattered Radon data by weighted positive definite kernel functions 1-gen-2018 De Marchi, S.; Iske, A.; Santin, G.
Greedy Kernel Methods for Accelerating Implicit Integrators for Parametric ODEs 1-gen-2019 Brünnette, Tim; Santin, Gabriele; Haasdonk, Bernard
Comparison of data-driven uncertainty quantification methods for a carbon dioxide storage benchmark scenario 1-gen-2019 Köppel, Markus; Franzelin, Fabian; Kröker, Ilja; Oladyshkin, Sergey; Santin, Gabriele; Wittwar, Dominik; Barth, Andrea; Haasdonk, Bernard; Nowak, Wolfgang; Pflüger, Dirk; Rohde, Christian
A novel class of stabilized greedy kernel approximation algorithms: Convergence, stability and uniform point distribution 1-gen-2021 Wenzel, Tizian; Santin, Gabriele; Haasdonk, Bernard
Digital proximity tracing on empirical contact networks for pandemic control 1-gen-2021 Cencetti, Giulia; Santin, Gabriele; Longa, Antonio; Pigani, Emanuele; Barrat, Alain; Cattuto, Ciro; Lehmann, Sune; Salathe, Marcel; Lepri, Bruno
9 Kernel methods for surrogate modeling 1-gen-2021 Santin, Gabriele; Haasdonk, Bernard
Biomechanical Surrogate Modelling Using Stabilized Vectorial Greedy Kernel Methods 1-gen-2021 Haasdonk, Bernard; Wenzel, Tizian; Santin, Gabriele; Schmitt, Syn
Kernel methods for center manifold approximation and a weak data-based version of the Center Manifold Theorem 1-gen-2021 Haasdonk, B.; Hamzi, B.; Santin, G.; Wittwar, D.
Structured Deep Kernel Networks for Data-Driven Closure Terms of Turbulent Flows 1-gen-2022 Wenzel, Tizian; Kurz, Marius; Beck, Andrea; Santin, Gabriele; Haasdonk, Bernard
Measuring close proximity interactions in summer camps during the COVID-19 pandemic 1-gen-2022 Leoni, Elia; Cencetti, Giulia; Santin, Gabriele; Istomin, Timofei; Molteni, Davide; Picco, Gian Pietro; Farella, Elisabetta; Lepri, Bruno; Murphy, Amy L.
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