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Stiff knots 1-gen-2007 Gallotti, R.; Pierre-Louis, O.
Statistical laws in urban mobility from microscopic GPS data in the area of Florence 1-gen-2010 Bazzani, A.; Giorgini, B.; Rambaldi, S.; Gallotti, R.; Giovannini, L.
Towards congestion detection in transportation networks using GPS data 1-gen-2011 Bazzani, A.; Giorgini, B.; Gallotti, R.; Giovannini, L.; Marchioni, M.; Rambaldi, S.
Now casting of traffic state by GPS data. the metropolitan area of Rome 1-gen-2011 Bazzani, A.; Giorgini, B.; Giovannini, L.; Gallotti, R.; Rambaldi, S.
Towards a statistical physics of human mobility 1-gen-2012 Gallotti, Riccardo; Bazzani, Armando; Rambaldi, Sandro
Entropic measures of individual mobility patterns 1-gen-2013 Gallotti, R.; Bazzani, A.; Esposti, M. D.; Rambaldi, S.
Anatomy and efficiency of urban multimodal mobility 1-gen-2014 Gallotti, R.; Barthelemy, M.
Understanding the variability of daily travel-time expenditures using GPS trajectory data 1-gen-2015 Gallotti, R.; Bazzani, A.; Rambaldi, S.
The multilayer temporal network of public transport in Great Britain 1-gen-2015 Gallotti, Riccardo; Barthelemy, Marc
A stochastic model of randomly accelerated walkers for human mobility 1-gen-2016 Gallotti, Riccardo; Bazzani, Armando; Rambaldi, Sandro; Barthelemy, Marc
Lost in transportation: Information measures and cognitive limits in multilayer navigation 1-gen-2016 Gallotti, R.; Porter, M. A.; Barthelemy, M.
New data sources to study airport competition 1-gen-2017 Gallotti, R.; Fuster, M.; Ramasco, J. J.
How ants move: Individual and collective scaling properties 1-gen-2018 Gallotti, R.; Chialvo, D. R.
Tracking random walks 1-gen-2018 Gallotti, R.; Louf, R.; Luck, J. -M.; Barthelemy, M.
Hierarchical organization of urban mobility and its connection with city livability 1-gen-2019 Bassolas, Aleix; Barbosa-Filho, Hugo; Dickinson, Brian; Dotiwalla, Xerxes; Eastham, Paul; Gallotti, Riccardo; Ghoshal, Gourab; Gipson, Bryant; Hazarie, Surendra A.; Kautz, Henry; Kucuktunc, Onur; Lieber, Allison; Sadilek &, Adam; Ramasco, José J.
A quantitative description of the transition between intuitive altruism and rational deliberation in iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma experiments 1-gen-2019 Gallotti, Riccardo; Grujic, Jelena
Effects of homophily and academic reputation in the nomination and selection of Nobel laureates 1-gen-2019 Gallotti, Riccardo; De Domenico, Manlio
Scaling in the recovery of urban transportation systems from massive events 1-gen-2020 Bassolas, A.; Gallotti, R.; Lamanna, F.; Lenormand, M.; Ramasco, J. J.
Effectiveness of dismantling strategies on moderated vs. unmoderated online social platforms 1-gen-2020 Artime, Oriol; D'Andrea, Valeria; Gallotti, Riccardo; Sacco, Pier Luigi; De Domenico, Manlio
Assessing the risks of ‘infodemics’ in response to COVID-19 epidemics 1-gen-2020 Gallotti, Riccardo; Valle, Francesco; Castaldo, Nicola; Sacco, Pierluigi; De Domenico, Manlio
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