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People within parks—forest villages, land-cover change and landscape fragmentation in the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, India 1-gen-2006 H., Nagendra; Pareeth, Sajid; R., Ghate
Forest fragmentation and regrowth in an institutional mosaic of community, government and private ownership in Nepal 1-gen-2007 H., Nagendra; Pareeth, Sajid; B., Sharma; C. M., Schweik; K. R., Adhikari
Landscapes of Protection: Forest Change and Fragmentation in Northern West Bengal, India 1-gen-2009 H., Nagendra; S., Paul; Pareeth, Sajid; S., Dutt
Interactions between protected areas and their surroundings in human-dominated tropical landscapes 1-gen-2010 R., Defries; K. K., Karanth; Pareeth, Sajid
Assessing Plant Diversity in a Dry Tropical Forest: Comparing the Utility of Landsat and Ikonos Satellite Images 1-gen-2010 H., Nagendra; D., Rocchini; R., Ghate; B., Sharma; Pareeth, Sajid
Graying, greening and fragmentation in the rapidly expanding Indian city of Bangalore 1-gen-2012 H., Nagendra; S., Nagendran; S., Paul; Pareeth, Sajid
Potential of remote sensing to predict species invasions. A modelling perspective 1-gen-2015 D., Rocchini; V., Andreo; M., Förster; C. X., Garzon Lopez; A. P., Gutierrez; T. W., Gillespie; H. C., Hauffe; K. S., He; B., Kleinschmit; P., Mairota; M., Marcantonio; M., Metz; H., Nagendra; Pareeth, Sajid; L., Ponti; C., Ricotta; A., Rizzoli; G., Schaab; M., Zebisch; R., Zorer; M., Neteler
The integration of Artificial Night-Time Lights in landscape ecology: A remote sensing approach 1-gen-2015 M., Marcantonio; Pareeth, Sajid; D., Rocchini; M., Metz; C., Garzon Lopez; M., Neteler
New Automated Method to Develop Geometrically Corrected Time Series of Brightness Temperatures from Historical AVHRR LAC Data 1-gen-2016 Pareeth, Sajid; L., Delucchi; M., Metz and; D., Rocchini; A., Devasthale; M., Raspaud; R., Adrian; N., Salmaso; M., Neteler
Homogenised daily lake surface water temperature data generated from multiple satellite sensors: A long-term case study of a large sub-Alpine lake 1-gen-2016 Pareeth, Sajid; N., Salmaso; R., Adrian; M., Neteler
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