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Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radios with Transmission Statistics: Considering Linear Frequency Sweeping 1-gen-2010 Sithamparanathan, Kandeepan; Piesiewicz, Radoslaw; Aysal, T. C.; Rahim, MD Abdur; Chlamtac, Imrich
Detect and avoid mechanism for ultra wide-band WiMedia: experimental evaluation of detection capabilities 1-gen-2011 Somov, Andrey; Sithamparanathan, Kandeepan; Rahim, MD Abdur; Krause, A.
COGMAN: A cognitive management framework to support exploitation of the Future Internet 1-gen-2011 Baldini, G.; Rahim, MD Abdur; Al., Et
A cognitive framework for realizing and exploiting the Internet of Things concept 1-gen-2011 Baldini, Gianmarco; Venkatesha Prasad, Rao; Rahim, MD Abdur; Moessner, Klaus; Etelapera, Matti; Pekka Soininen, Juha; Septimiu-Cosmin, Nechifor; Stavroulaki, Vera; Vlacheas, Panagiotis; Georgakopoulos, Andreas; Demestichas, Panagiotis
Virtualization and cognitive management of real world objects in the internet of things 1-gen-2012 Kelaidonis, D.; Somov, A.; Foteinos, V.; Poulios, G.; Stavroulaki, V.; Vlacheas, P.; Demestichas, P.; Baranov, A.; Rahim, A.; Giaffreda, R.
Between Neighbors: Neighbor discovery in EH-IoTs 1-gen-2013 Devasenapathy, S.; Rao, V. S.; Prasad, R. V.; Rahim, A.; Niemegeers, I.
Enabling smart cities through a cognitive management framework for the internet of things 1-gen-2013 Vlacheas, P.; Giaffreda, Raffaele; Stavroulaki, V.; Kelaidonis, D.; Somov, A.; Foteinos, V.; Poulios, G.; Rahim, MD Abdur; Demestichas, P.
A Cognitive Management Framework for Empowering the Internet of Things 1-gen-2013 Foteinos, V.; Kelaidonis, D.; Poulios, G.; Stavroulaki, V.; Vlacheas, P.; Demestichas, P.; Giaffreda, Raffaele; Rahim, A.; Menoret, S.; Nguengang, G.; Etelapera, M.; Nechifor, S.; Roelands, M.; Visintainer, F.; Moessner, K.
A scalable distributed architecture towards unifying IoT applications 1-gen-2014 Sarkar, C.; Nambi, A.; Prasad, V.; Rahim, MD Abdur
A unified semantic knowledge base for IoT 1-gen-2014 S. N. A. U., Nambi; C., Sarkar; Prasad, R. V.; Rahim, MD Abdur
Analysis of Fi-Wi Indoor Network Architecture based on IEEE 802.15.3c 1-gen-2014 Chandra, K.; Prasad, R. V.; Quang, B. V.; I. G. M. M., Niemegeers; Rahim, MD Abdur
Cognitive management framework for internet of things - a prototype implementation 1-gen-2014 Sasidharan, Swaytha; Somov, Andrey; Rahim, MD Abdur; Giaffreda, Raffaele
A Policy-Based Framework for Cognitive Radio Networks 1-gen-2014 Baldini, Gianmarco; Neisse, Ricardo; Rahim, MD Abdur; Trombetta, Alberto
Self-coexistence and spectrum sharing in device-to-device WRANs 1-gen-2014 Shi, Huaizhou; Prasad, R. V.; I. G. M. M., Niemegeers; Xu, Ming; Rahim, MD Abdur
Adaptive beamwidth selection for contention based access periods in millimeter wave WLANs 1-gen-2014 Chandra, K.; Prasad, R. V.; I. G. M. M., Niemegeers; Rahim, MD Abdur
IoT and cloud convergence: opportunities and challenges 1-gen-2014 Rahim, MD Abdur; Giaffreda, Raffaele
DIAT: A Scalable Distributed Architecture for IoT 1-gen-2015 C., Sarkar; A. Uttama Nambi S., N.; R., Prasad; Rahim, MD Abdur; R., Neisse; G., Baldini
IoT, Cloud and Big Data Integration for IoT Analytics 1-gen-2016 Rahim, MD Abdur; Dupont, Corentin; Pham, Congduc
IoT, Big Data, and Cloud Platform for Rural African Needs 1-gen-2017 Dupont, Corentin; Sheikhalishahi, Mehdi; Rahim, MD Abdur
Low-cost IoT, Big data, and Cloud platform for Developing Countries 1-gen-2017 Dupont, Corentin; Bures, Tomas; Sheikhalishahi, Mehdi; Pham, Congduc; Rahim, MD Abdur
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