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Single-User Tabletop Card Game System for Older Persons: General Lessons Learned from an In-Situ Study 1-gen-2008 Gabrielli, Silvia; S., Bellutti; Jameson, Anthony David; Leonardi, Chiara; Zancanaro, Massimo
Bridging the motivation gap for individual annotators: What can we learn from photo annotation systems? 1-gen-2008 T., Hasan; Jameson, Anthony David
Obstacles to Option Setting: Initial Results with a Heuristic Walkthrough Method 1-gen-2009 Silvia Gabrielli; Anthony Jameson
Users` Preferences Regarding Intelligent User Interfaces: Differences Among Users and Changes Over Time [Workshop Description] 1-gen-2009 Anthony David Jameson; Silvia Gabrielli; Antti Oulasvirta
Understanding and Dealing With Usability Side Effects of Intelligent Processing 1-gen-2009 Jameson, Anthony David
Usable Intelligent Interactive Systems: CHI 2009 Special Interest Group Meeting 1-gen-2009 Aaron, Spaulding; Krzysztof, Gajos; Jameson, Anthony David; Per Ola, Kristensson; Andrea, Bunt; Will, Haines
Assessment of a User`s Time Pressure and Cognitive Load on the Basis of Features of Speech 1-gen-2009 Jameson, Anthony David; Juergen, Kiefer; Christian, Mueller; Barbara Grossman, Hutter; Frank, Wittig; Ralf, Rummer
Introduction to the Special Issue on `Usable AI` 1-gen-2009 Jameson, Anthony David; Aaron, Spaulding; Neil Yorke, Smith
Virtual Helper or Virtual Card Player? Contrasting Responses of Older Users 1-gen-2013 Zancanaro, Massimo; Gabrielli, Silvia; Jameson, Anthony David; Leonardi, Chiara; Not, Elena; Pianesi, Fabio
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 9 di 9
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