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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Differential Hall characterisation of ultrashallow doping in advanced Si-based materials 1-gen-2008 Nick, Bennett; N. E. B., Cowern; A. J., Smith; Max, Kah; R., Gwilliam; B. J., Sealy; T. C. Q., Noakes; P., Bailey; Giubertoni, Damiano; Bersani, Massimo
Effect of Nd3+ incorporation on the microstructure and chemical structure of RF sputtered ZnO thin films 1-gen-2013 Gottardi, Gloria; Pandiyan, Rajesh; Micheli, Victor; Pepponi, Giancarlo; Gennaro, Salvatore; Bartali, Ruben; Bensaada Laidani, Nadhira
Electrical and mechanical properties of layered gold–chromium thin films 1-gen-2009 Mulloni, Viviana; Bartali, Ruben; Colpo, Sabrina; Giacomozzi, Flavio; Bensaada Laidani, Nadhira; Margesin, Benno
Electrochemically oxidised porous silicon microcavities 1-gen-2000 Mulloni, Viviana; L., Pavesi
Light Emitting diodes based on anodically oxidized silicon/porous silicon heterojunction 1-gen-2000 Z., Gaburro; Bellutti, Pierluigi; R., Chierchia; Mulloni, Viviana; L., Pavesi
Optical characterization of reverse biased porous silicon light emitting diode 1-gen-2000 S., Lazarouk; S., Katsouba; A., Tomlinson; S., Benedetti; C., Mazzoleni; Mulloni, Viviana; G., Mariotto; L., Pavesi
Suppression of boron interstitial clusters in SOI using vacancy engineering 1-gen-2005 A. J., Smith; B., Colombeau; R., Gwilliam; N. E. B., Cowern; B. J., Sealy; M., Milosavljevic; E., Collart; Gennaro, Salvatore; Bersani, Massimo; Barozzi, Mario
The interaction between Xe and F in Si (100) pre-amorphised with 20 keV Xe and implanted with low energy BF2 1-gen-2004 M., Werner; J., van den Berg; D. G., Armour; G., Carter; T., Feudel; Marc, Herden; Bersani, Massimo; Giubertoni, Damiano; P., Bailey; T. C. Q., Noakes
Transmission electron microscopy study of Ni-Si nanocomposite films 1-gen-2012 M. A., Mohiddon; M. G., Krishna; G., Dalba; Rocca, Francesco
Understanding the role of buried Si/SiO2 interface on dopant and defect evolution in PAI USJ 1-gen-2005 J., Hamilton; E., Collart; B., Colombeau; Bersani, Massimo; Giubertoni, Damiano; J., Sharp; N., Cowern; K. J., Kirkby
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 10 di 10
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